Not Broken

This is the title of my page, but I have still not explained why I chose that name. The short story is it’s an affirmation to myself. The longer story; well that might take a while. Nine years ago, my world was attacked, my faith shaken, and my life altered forever. For a very long... Continue Reading →

Activities that give and activities that take

Life is about balance. And when you have a mental illness that balance has been thrown out the window. It took me many years to understand this, and to regain the balance is something I’m still working on. One of the biggest revelations I’ve learned is what different activities does to us. Like a good... Continue Reading →


Admitting that you are lonely takes a lot of courage. Loneliness is still a huge taboo in our society. The problem is how do you make friends when you are no longer in school? When you were a kid, you could go up to someone in recess and say “Hey! Wanna be friends?” And that... Continue Reading →


In these weird times, there is one thing I have noticed is so crucial to my mental health, and that is predictability. I know that routines and stability is important to stay away from the worst rabbit holes, but over the last couple of months I have more than known it because I read it... Continue Reading →


Over the last few weeks, the world as we know it has changed. Massively. Our society is all but closed down, and we are all being told to stay home and don’t socialise. This can be difficult for mentally healthy people, but living with mental illness, isolation and global crisis is very challenging. I have... Continue Reading →

Yes, I have got another job

I work 50% as a nurse. Fortunately, Norway does have a welfare system that makes it possible for me to get a disability pension, but because my disability is invisible, many don’t understand why I deserve that support and why I need so much time off work. I am frequently asked what I do with... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to be high functioning?

“Someone with a disorder who can conceal his symptoms or participate in society is considered to be high functioning.” – Urban dictionary I’ve had a journey with the expression “high functioning”. No one knew I had PTSD for the first couple of years. I hid it away, controlling myself the best I could, hiding my... Continue Reading →

Good vibes only?

Cheer up. Others have it so much worse. But your life is great. At least you’re physically healthy. You just have to smile more. Happiness is a choice. You might think these things sound supportive. They don’t. They sound like you don’t know and don’t really care. Toxic positivity is a thing. So many people... Continue Reading →


I know that in my journey towards recovery, I have been lucky. Lucky because when I first was in this situation, I was never alone. A blog about illness can quickly become gloomy. Hopefully I can also tell you some of the positive things and experiences that has followed my diagnosis. This is one of... Continue Reading →

Let it sink in!

I live in a country where public health care is affordable, available and the norm. My trauma was a national trauma, and therefore I began treatment even before I started having symptoms. But treatment is more than just “talking to a counsellor”. My PTSD-journey has been long, hard and bumpy. Mainly because I did not... Continue Reading →

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